The Power a Good Call to Action Brings to Your Writing

In Insights by Joe Aragona August 09, 2017

A good call to action (CTA) leads a reader to learn more about a product or service by continuing to the next step set out by the writer.

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3 Myths You've Been Told About Public and Media Relations

In Insights by Joe Aragona July 26, 2017

There are a lot of misconceptions about public and media relations.

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3 Tactics to Keep People on Your Website

In Insights by Alex Aragona July 12, 2017

Keeping people on your website nowadays can be tough. With peoples' attention spans shrinking from the amount of content out there, you'll have less than 15 seconds to capture their attention and...

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5 Ways to Make Your Website an Effective Marketing Tool

In Insights by Brynn Deamer July 12, 2017

 Websites are the backbone of most marketing programs, often providing potential customers with the information they need to lead them to a sale.

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Understanding the Power of Hashtags

In Insights by Jess Pomeroy June 14, 2017

Even though hashtags have been around since 2007, many social media users still misunderstand their true use and effectiveness on various social media platforms. Whether it's for your business or...

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How to Leverage Your Business Facebook Page as a Marketing Tool

In Insights by Amy Chamberlain June 14, 2017

Facebook has once again changed the way business pages can be used. This time, for the best. It is now so much easier to get higher engagement by offering different types of posts.

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3 Things That Tell You It’s Time to Rebrand (or at Least Refresh!)

In Insights by Alex Aragona May 31, 2017

In a previous blog we talked about the difference between a rebrand and a refresh. It’s also important to know when it may be time for either.

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The Components of a Good Marketing Strategy

In Insights by Joe Aragona May 15, 2017

Every good marketing strategy contains a variety of valuable strategic components that lead your business to success.

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3 Cost-Effective Marketing Projects You Should Start Right Now

In Insights by Alex Aragona April 27, 2017

There are effective marketing projects out there that don't break the bank and take minimal effort to start.

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What the Heck Is Integrated Marketing?

In Insights by Joe Aragona April 22, 2017

Integrated marketing is something you hear about a lot.

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