Aragona Agency Lands Three 2020 Summit Creative Awards

Posted by Joe Aragona on November 18, 2020

Inside The Agency, Design & Creative, Agency News

Strategy outlines what a marketing program will do, tactics deal with how the strategy will be implemented, but it’s the creative that captures a target audience’s attention. Earlier this month, we were pleased to get the news that the creative output we delivered for two of our clients in 2020 was recognized for excellence by the Summit International Awards organization.

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Aragona Agency Brings Home Three 2018 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards

Posted by Joe Aragona on March 11, 2019

Agency News

In our business, the reward for a job well done is a happy client. But, every now and then it’s nice to get a tip of the hat from our industry about the work we do. That happened earlier this month when our team was recognized for excellence in marketing with three 2018 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards from the Summit International Awards organization. 

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