You're on Page One, But How Does Your Voice Compare?

Posted by Alex Aragona on March 25, 2021

Marketing Research & Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics

As far as SEO goes, there’s a wealth of business intelligence that can help you optimize your approach. We’ve discussed some of that in the past. Play your B2B marketing cards really well and you may just end up on page one of a Google search for your targeted keywords. However, that’s one battle, and not the end of the war.

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Marketing Data and Tools Are Important, But Content Is Still King

Posted by Joe Aragona on January 13, 2020

Writing & Content, Marketing Strategy, Data & Analytics

Like everything else, marketing has evolved over the last 10 years. In some ways, the marketing process has become a lot more complicated. Social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing have all become part of the marketing mix, which for many business-to-business marketers still includes the more traditional marketing channels.

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If You’re Only Using One Kind of Email and Campaign, You’re Doing It Wrong

Posted by Callum Inglis on September 9, 2019

Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics

Email marketing reigns as one of the supreme tools in marketing, even to this day, which we’ve mentioned before.

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