Aragona Agency Lands Three 2020 Summit Creative Awards

Posted by Joe Aragona on November 18, 2020

Inside The Agency, Design & Creative, Agency News

Strategy outlines what a marketing program will do, tactics deal with how the strategy will be implemented, but it’s the creative that captures a target audience’s attention. Earlier this month, we were pleased to get the news that the creative output we delivered for two of our clients in 2020 was recognized for excellence by the Summit International Awards organization.

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The Role of a Creative Director in Your Marketing Process

Posted by Aragona Agency on May 18, 2020

Inside The Agency, Design & Creative

One of the questions we get quite often is “What exactly does a creative director do?”

That’s understandable. To most clients, it’s obvious what agency writers do — they write. And designers? They design. But, unless you’re in the agency business, it’s not immediately obvious where a creative director fits into the services offered by an agency.

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How It Happens: A Q&A With QA

Posted by Aragona Agency on December 2, 2019

Inside The Agency, Writing & Content

Sometimes the inner workings of an agency can seem mysterious. So, we thought, why not change that with a series of blogs about how all the work here actually gets done. For this blog, we sat down with Brynn Deamer to ask her a few questions about her quality assurance responsibilities.

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