3 Things That Tell You It’s Time to Rebrand (or at Least Refresh!)

In a previous blog we talked about the difference between a rebrand and a refresh. It’s also important to know when it may be time for either.

Our agency just went through an entire rebranding process.

Not a refresh. Not an update. But a rebrand.

Save for the namesake of the company, everything that looked, smelled, and tasted like the old agency was on the table for slashing. If it didn’t work it was out the door.

Some things stayed, but many things went.

We dropped “Communications” from “Aragona Communications” and now hail from Ottawa as “Aragona”—clean and simple.

So the entire look and feel of the agency was updated. Other than our name not much looks the same. The results are on display throughout our website.

We also adjusted the way we presented our agency’s offerings. The results of that are on the What We Do page.

There were three main reasons why we tackled this project. And if you feel like your business can relate, then it might be time to consider a rebrand or a refresh:

1. The Brand Simply Feels Old

Some people think age isn’t enough of a factor when considering change. The philosophy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may apply perfectly to the lovable ’95 Toyota Corolla, but it can’t to your brand.

Why? Because old can mean stale. And a stale impression is not one you want to give off to potential clients and customers.

Many brands see the potential in aging gracefully (à la IBM) by barely touching the overall look and feel of the brand, but still updating and refreshing it.

Whether it’s a full rebrand or just a refresh, your brand should age gracefully and adapt to new times.

2. The Market Responds Differently Than It Once Did

What happens if you love the way your brand looks, feels, talks, and comes across, but to your market it’s “passé?”

What do you do when the way your services and/or products are presented and organized make perfectly good sense to you and your management team and legacy clients/customers, but the approach isn’t getting traction with new prospects and audiences?

The reality is that markets, audiences, and ultimately potential customers don’t always care what makes sense to you. They care about what makes sense to them. And if the way your company is presented to your target audience is a mismatch to how they digest information, then you’re going to have major issues.

Time for a refresh or rebrand!

3. Your Company Has Changed in Many Ways

Some ask “what’s in a name?” Good question. We also ask “what’s in a company?” as a follow-up question.

If your company makes major changes to its product/service offerings, which markets it wants to serve, or even serious changes to management and employees it could be time for a refresh or full rebrand.

New employees, management, and company goals bring a new sense of identity and culture to any organization. After all, the people, products, and services are what makes a company and what it stands for, and the brand should certainly reflect this identity.


If you're thinking it's time for a rebrand or refresh for your business, make sure you know the difference between them.  

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