4 Insights Competitive Marketing Intelligence Provides That Your Strategy Can’t Go Without

In Marketing Research & Analysis, Insights, Marketing Strategy by Alex Aragona January 15, 2019

When we get into conversations about competitive marketing intelligence with our clients, they’ll often say something like, “Nope. No. We don’t need that. We just did that six months ago. We tore...

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Notes From the Road to Marketing Nirvana - Part 10

In Insights, Notes From the Road to Marketing Nirvana by Joe Aragona January 11, 2019

It’s Not a Lead If You Don’t Do Something With It

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Beyond the Comma: The Secret to Better Content Reviews

In Writing & Content, Insights by Kathy Pendergast November 21, 2018

You’ve just been given some draft content to review. You start reading.

So far, it sounds great. But suddenly, you stop reading. Something terrible has happened. There’s a comma, and you’re not...

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4 Considerations When Aligning Marketing and Sales for Success

In Marketing Strategy, Insights by Amy Chamberlain November 05, 2018

Today’s marketers have a variety of tools to position and promote a company, product, or service. But if marketing and sales efforts are not aligned, market success cannot be achieved. 

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3 Must-Understand Concepts for Success With Your Company’s Digital Marketing

In Insights, Marketing Strategy by Callum Inglis October 12, 2018

1. The Core Benefit of Digital Marketing

Think about this: 

More than half of the world is online, 53% is mobile, and the digital economy is valued at more than $3 trillion1 — these figures are...

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Turning One Piece of Content Into Six

In Insights, Writing & Content by Alex Aragona September 27, 2018

I was at the wrap-up meeting for a white paper we had just finished for a client.

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Fashion Content for the Buyer’s Journey

In Insights, Writing & Content by Alex Aragona September 14, 2018

Content marketing works. 

That’s probably why 91 percent of B2B marketers integrate it into their programs.1 

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Marketing Analytics Is About Action — Not Just Reporting

In Insights, Marketing Research & Analysis by Callum Inglis September 03, 2018

If I were to ask you what analytics is, you’d likely have a different answer from others reading this article.

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