How to Create the Right Impression at a Trade Show

In Insights by Joe Aragona November 20, 2017

Trade shows present the perfect opportunity to create additional exposure for your brand —Whether it’s to launch and/or demo a new product, maintain face in your market, or to push aggressively for new prospects and leads.

But, what constitutes good trade show presence? What marketing tactics will create the right perception of your product’s capabilities and value to your target market?

Create major buzz for your product with these trade show tactics:


Demos offer a hands-on approach that allows the audience to get more acquainted with your product. The right demo can solidify your product’s function and quality. It can attract traffic to your booth. If you’re in the service business and don’t offer a tangible product, case studies looping on a screen are great attention getters and also make for a great handout.


Your company’s experts are ideal oral marketers because they are able to give firsthand knowledge on products and services. Experts often don’t want to be scripted, but they should be coached/guided by marketing on the main points of conversation that they should deliver to booth visitors. Also, try and nail down formal speaking slots for your experts to delve into different industry issues. This will further position key members of your team as experts in the field and increase your exposure to your target market.


Promotional and instructional videos are great for attracting attention. They can be used to hype your brand and add allure at a trade show booth, allowing shy attendees to get engaged with your booth without having to be too involved in a conversation. Videos also offer an opportunity to reach those passing through the trade show quickly and deliver an immediate message in a short time.

Media and analyst relations:

An important aspect of your trade show marketing that is often overlooked. With the right effort in this area, you can drive more traffic to your booth. So, it’s crucial for your overall trade show presence to structure pre-, during-, and post-show media and analyst relations efforts that will promote presence at the show and create and maintain the attention of potential customers and industry experts/analysts.


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Joe Aragona

Written by Joe Aragona

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