4 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Content Relevant

Content marketing is built on words. And what the words say must be relevant to your target audience.

You have a limited amount of time to grab your reader's attention, deliver your message, and make it stick — so use it wisely.

Consider these writing tips when you’re trying to create relevant marketing content:

1. Be informative 

Define the topic carefully and ensure that the text provides new and valuable information.

Readers will quickly lose interest if the point you are trying to make and the information you are trying to deliver isn't clear.

2. Be interesting

Engage readers with facts, metaphors, humor, or anything pertaining to the marketing topic that can be spun in a fresh way.

What you're trying to communicate is one thing, but how you try to do it is another.

3. Be clear

Cut out technical jargon or slang that may not be universally understood by everyone so that readers don’t feel left out or confused.

Even if you're addressing a technical topic, there is always a way to simplify the information.

4. Be unique when delivering information

Grip readers right away by delivering information from your perspective and in your voice.

Your reader needs to feel like they're in a conversation with you — not reading an academic essay.

And be current! 

  • Research hot marketing topics.
  • Think about what your readers find important.
  • Showcase how your business’ point of view fits in the market conversation.


If you're interested in keeping your content relevant, be sure that you understand the importance and value of writing in marketing. 

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