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In Insights by Joe Aragona December 11, 2017

The words used to communicate your message are as important as developing the strategy to which they belong.png

A wise man once said that words, like angels, have invisible powers over us. In the digital age, that’s truer than ever before.

Well-written words are the foundation of all powerful and effective communications. The right words have the power to influence people, sell a product or service, create an impression, or change a perspective.

Developing the right words to communicate your message is as important as developing the communications strategy to which they belong.

The right words are an integral part of every successful communications initiative, and can directly contribute to your bottom line. Without them, the message can be misunderstood or misinterpreted, reducing the impact of the entire communications program and marketing efforts.

When you leverage the right words — your words — to communicate effectively in a piece of marketing content, you don't need to be long winded or belabour the effort — Your point will hit, stick, and resonate with your audience if you craft your words carefully.

Below are 5 pitfalls to avoid when crafting those words.

1. Avoid Cofusion

Don't make your writing too hard to understand — write simply so readers don't get confused.

2. Eliminate Words

Adding too many words or "fluff" makes it hard for a reader to decipher your message — which can take away from it.

3. Simplify Ideas

Too many ideas mix readers up and take focus away from the key message.

4. Stay on Target

Focus the thoughts you are presenting to keep ideas relevant and not fragmented.

5. Be Clear

Make your words clear, universally understood, and varied. Don't be too technical or too vague and avoid excessive use of repetition.


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Joe Aragona

Written by Joe Aragona

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