Let's Talk Design and Branding

Design is the most visible element of a branding process. It presents a company’s character, personality, and image. When you’re thinking about branding, you’ll want to ensure that your business is using the benefits of an effective design to create the right image.

But What Is Branding?

Branding extends far beyond a few logo concepts, color selections, and how you will place those logos and colors on a variety of materials. Ultimately, branding is the process of creating an overarching look, feel, tone, and style that represents a company — an identity. This identity is built using design tools and rules that create the foundation for a consistent and strong visual character.

Informing the Process

The branding process begins with thoughts, ideas, and contributions from a variety of sources and perspectives. This usually includes the company’s vision, mission, philosophy, key marketing messages, target audience, industry space, and competition.

It’s always good to know what the company is about and what it represents. Insights into where the company is coming from are just as important as where it wants to go. So, a company history lesson helps to keep things in perspective when developing a new brand or evolving an old brand.

Developing the Brand

Through design, all this information is blended together to make visual sense and create the right impression with the intended audience.

But good design doesn’t just happen. It’s fueled by market research and collaboration with others. And it is focused on the overall goal of communicating with an audience to make an impression. The tools that designers work with are used to create a strong graphic language that complements the essence of the messages the company wants to deliver. Sometimes, the process leads to new directions that can help guide the market positioning and marketing strategy.

Evolving the Brand

Ultimately, branding is not a finite process. Just as people evolve with age and time, so should brands. Through design, a brand evolves to fit changes in the company’s vision, mission, philosophy, key marketing messages, target audience, industry space, and competition.


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