E-Newsletters Aren't Essays

Posted by Amy Chamberlain on November 5, 2019

Writing & Content, Marketing Strategy

Most B2B companies know the importance of having a properly executed digital marketing strategy that includes email marketing. As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, sending marketing emails to current clients and leads is not a dying or dead marketing tactic. It is a very useful and effective way to communicate with target B2B audiences. In fact, email marketing statistics show that 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content[1].

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If You’re Only Using One Kind of Email and Campaign, You’re Doing It Wrong

Posted by Callum Inglis on September 9, 2019

Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics

Email marketing reigns as one of the supreme tools in marketing, even to this day, which we’ve mentioned before.

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Brands Must Have Personalities Online

Posted by Alex Aragona on August 19, 2019

Marketing Strategy, Branding

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog that was ultimately about people making their business social media presence and profiles a little too personal and how that won’t yield your business the long-term results you really want.

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Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Posted by Alex Aragona on July 16, 2019

Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing, many people have opinions about the death or imminent death of an entire approach or tactic. But these opinions often miss the mark because they don’t consider evolution.

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Marketing Automation: Is It Worth It?

Posted by Callum Inglis on June 14, 2019

Marketing Research & Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing

Marketing automation tactics are some of the most useful tools marketers have at their disposal. However, they always come up as a subject of debate in many offices. A “should we, shouldn’t we?” type of debate that usually involves someone mentioning budgets at least 31 times, someone citing potential changes in company processes and training, and everyone posing as the obligatory skeptic questioning whether marketing automation is really necessary or not.

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Social Media Is Also a Design Project

Posted by Amy Chamberlain on April 12, 2019

Marketing Strategy, Design & Creative

Most companies know that social media marketing is now mandatory to some degree — regardless of your industry or company size. 

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Aragona Agency Brings Home Three 2018 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards

Posted by Joe Aragona on March 11, 2019

Agency News

In our business, the reward for a job well done is a happy client. But, every now and then it’s nice to get a tip of the hat from our industry about the work we do. That happened earlier this month when our team was recognized for excellence in marketing with three 2018 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards from the Summit International Awards organization. 

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A Five-Step Refresher on SEO Basics

Posted by Callum Inglis on February 11, 2019

Marketing Research & Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those areas of marketing that still scares quite a few people. 

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3 Types of Lead Captures and How to Act on Them

Posted by Amy Chamberlain on January 25, 2019

Marketing Strategy

Your social media and digital marketing strategies provide a great way to get potential leads to your website. Once they get there, the website should be structured to capture leads and move them into the marketing-to-sales funnel. As you do this, there are a few key visitor behaviors that will help you categorize leads as accurately as possible. 

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4 Insights Competitive Marketing Intelligence Provides That Your Strategy Can’t Go Without

Posted by Alex Aragona on January 15, 2019

Marketing Research & Analysis, Marketing Strategy

When we get into conversations about competitive marketing intelligence with our clients, they’ll often say something like, “Nope. No. We don’t need that. We just did that six months ago. We tore through all of the information on our competitor’s solution. Right down to the specifics of the hardware and software and how they’re listed. We know exactly what’s on the market now, and we have a pretty good guess about what competitors are going to bring to the market in the near future.” 

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